What is Artificial Intelligence of Things ?
A new technological era!

Artificial Intelligence is scientific ingredient that we can add to anything around us to improve it, the combination of Internet of Things + Artificial Intelligence is called AIoT. The objective is to improve data management and analysis, human-machine interactions, and IoT operations.

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the imitation of human intelligence by technologies, particularly computers, Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected computing devices, machines, and mechanical and digital things that may exchange data across this without requiring human or computer-to-computer contact.

IoT adds value to AI through data exchange, signalling and connectivity, while AI adds value to IoT through machine learning capabilities and improved decision-making processes. By generating greater value from IoT-generated data, AIoT can improve organisations and their services. With AI, an IoT device can better analyse, learn from and make decisions using the massive accumulated Big Data without the help of a human. 

What are the advantages o​f the AIoT?

 Increasing operational effectiveness, IoT devices with AI integration can examine data to identify patterns and insights and modify system operations to enhance efficiency. AIoT adapts quickly as well because data can be produced and evaluated parallelly, detecting fails and bugs allowing the system to make necessary change. Moreover, The connectivity of an IoT system can be expanded anytime to more devices offering new features and new capabilities.

Examples of AIoT:

AIoT can be found in smart cities, smart retails, smart homes, healthcare and many other fields: 

Data is gathered via sensors and meters in order to increase operational effectiveness, spur economic growth, and enhance resident quality of life . 

Here are some of the sensors that we can offer: 

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